A Picture and a 1000 Words Research Package

$450.00 per photo

A photo is not just an image; it’s a portal to a bygone era, a captured moment that holds a thousand tales waiting to be told.

Breathe life into a photo from your collection with a 1000-word historical sketch about the person or moment depicted based on genealogical and historical research.

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“A Picture and a 1000 Words” offers a unique window into the past, transforming a single photograph into a full-fledged historical narrative.


  • Genealogical Research: With four hours of dedicated research, I delve into the depths of historical records, piecing together the life story of the individuals or the context of the moment captured in your photograph.
  • A Thousand-Word Narrative: I craft a compelling 1000-word essay that breathes life into the static image, providing a vivid portrayal of your ancestors’ lives or the significance of the captured moment.
  • Historical Contextualization: I enrich the narrative with historical context, giving you a glimpse into the world as it was during the time of your ancestors, making the past resonate with the present.
  • Printed Keepsake: The final narrative is not only delivered digitally but also presented as a high-quality printed document, perfect for sharing with family or preserving as a keepsake.

Whether it’s a portrait of a great-grandparent or a snapshot of a historical family event, “A Picture and a 1000 Words” offers a tangible connection to your lineage, turning a simple photograph into a legacy to be passed down through generations.

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