Ancestral Odyssey

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The Ultimate Time Travel Experience

Embark on an amazing guided tour to a moment in your family history powered by multidimensional genealogical and historical research and a personalized travelogue. This package is the pinnacle of historical exploration, complete with an itinerary and a travalogue filled with rich historical details, authentic photos, maps, and what to expect, including what to wear, food, money, and cultural insights. I take care of all travel arrangements, including accommodations, passport, tickets and food.




Choose from narrative styles like “Postcards from the Past,” “Letters Home,” or “Travel Diary.” Includes everything in the “Meet Your Ancestors” package, plus additional research and writing time. Available as a digital PDF download or a custom printed book.

You can enhance the accuracy and depth of your experience by providing information and photos of your ancestors, documents, letters, etc., or opt for additional research time so I can delve deeper into your family history.

This package was inspired by “The Time Traveler’s Handbook” by Wyllie, Acton and Goldblatt.


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