Secrets and Scandals

$55.00 per hour

Secrets of the Bloodline: A Genealogy Thriller

Uncovering a family secret is akin to embarking on a thrilling quest. Each piece of evidence brings you closer to a more profound comprehension of your lineage.

I can help you in revealing the secrets of a particular individual or family branch, and in overcoming persistent obstacles. Together, we can dismantle these barriers, unveiling the concealed narratives of your distinctive ancestry.



Embarking on a journey through your family’s past can be akin to uncovering a long-lost treasure map. Each piece of information is a precious gem, leading to the next, until the full picture of your lineage comes to light. With my expertise, I guide you through this labyrinth of lineage, piecing together the fragments of your ancestry.

Imagine unearthing a letter from the 1800s, penned by your great-great-grandfather, detailing his life’s trials and triumphs. Or discovering that your ancestors were pioneers in a small town, now forgotten by time. These are not just names and dates; they are narratives waiting to be told, secrets yearning to be shared. Whether it’s a faded photograph that hints at an untold story or a mysterious DNA match that could connect you to royalty, I am here to illuminate the shadows of your family tree.


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