Vintage Photo Editing

Step Back in Time with my Vintage Photo Makeovers!

Journey into the past with my unique services that artfully blend vintage photo editing, genealogy, and historical research with creative storytelling. Transform your everyday photos into windows to yesteryear and meet the ancestors who shaped your story.

Are you ready to embark? Whether you’re seeking a touch of whimsical vintage flair or a deep dive into your family’s legacy, I can create a unique and cherished piece of your personal history.

Glimpse your past self. I will transform your photo to reflect the chosen era and style, from mid-1800s Tintypes to Kodak Brownies of the 1920s.

Take a day trip to the past! Imagine yourself as a California gold prospector in 1859.

Upload your high-resolution photos.
Choose from my signature vintage styles.

Local Photo Sessions also available