Rewind Time Photo Restoration


Turn back the clock on your damaged or faded photos

I will lovingly restore your cherished memories, erasing the marks of time to revive their original splendor. I do all work. I do not farm this out overseas.


Upload your photo for a free evaluation

Print Scanning Options

Do it yourself at home or at a local copy shop and then send the high-res file. Please request my Scanning Instructions for the best quality possible.

For the absolute best results, let me scan it.  Local pickup or order my ship kit that includes a waterproof rigid mailer and roundtrip postage with tracking.

Ask about slide and negative scanning services.

My digital restoration process:

  • Erase the marks of time: Remove scratches and cracks, restoring your photos to their original brilliance.
  • Bring back vibrant details: Reverse fading, enhance color, reduce noise and bring details back into focus for a clear and crisp image.
  • Mend precious moments: Repair minor tears, reconstruct missing sections, and breathe new life into damaged photos.
  • Unwanted distractions vanish: Eliminate dust spots, writing, marks and blemishes for an unobstructed view.
  • I do not overprocess it. I believe it should still look real and true to the original.

High-resolution scanning, prints, and framing are available to showcase your finished masterpiece.


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