Time Tripper Photo Package


Take a day trip to the past!

Imagine yourself as a gold prospector in the Arizona Territory in 1863.
How about as a flapper in the Roaring Twenties?

Sequin Girl Before and After: I did an ai wardrobe change and inserted her in front of a real photo of a 1925 car. I finished it with my exclusive Kodak Brownie Days style.


Just tell me where and when you want to go and who you envision yourself to be in that era, I’ll design the perfect historical setting and wardrobe for your transformation, ensuring every detail is period-appropriate to avoid anachronisms.

Beth Patterson - I took this photo at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival some years ago. The hat was hers, and I changed her outfit using ai and then inserted a real photo of 1920s model T car behind her. Then applied my Kodak Brownie Days style.



Send me your photos
for a custom vintage transformation!


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