DNA Match Analysis

$45.00 per hour

Let’s Make Sense of Your Ancestry DNA Matches Together.

I will guide you through the basics of DNA to help you make meaningful connections with your ancestry. I will assist you in interpreting your Ancestry DNA matches to find biological parents, confirm ancestors, and expand your family tree. 



The use of DNA in genealogy has revolutionized the way we research our family tree, offering a powerful tool for verification when traditional records fall short. It provides indisputable genetic evidence that can confirm family relationships, bridge gaps in historical documentation, and solve mysteries that paper trails alone cannot. Sometimes, DNA is the key to unlocking the past, offering clarity and closure where stories have been lost or obscured by time, making it an invaluable asset in the quest to piece together our family trees. Whether it’s finding unknown relatives or validating generations-old links, DNA is often the most definitive way to trace our lineage and cement our roots in history.


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