Announcing Time Travel Adventures & Genealogy Research Services

Your Guide:
Diana Thornton
Genealogist & Time Traveler

I am excited to announce that I am returning to my “roots” by offering PROFESSIONAL GENEALOGY RESEARCH SERVICES.

I started doing genealogy when I was 9 years old (half a century ago!) when my grandmother showed me some old photos and a family tree. I was hooked. I became my family’s historian and archivist, and went on to attain a Master’s degree in Archaeology.

I love witnessing history through the eyes of my ancestors by unearthing their stories. It’s the same feeling I would get when I found an artifact, knowing I was the first person to touch that object in hundreds of years. When I’m researching, I’m transported back in time. I go so deep down the rabbit hole that a ringing phone is often my only trigger back to the Here-Now.

When the pandemic shut down my business in the music industry, I began seeking a new career. Because I have a lot of skills and can do many things that I love, including my latest project, O Muse! Magazine, I’ve been resisting focusing on one specialty.

So it feels natural to turn to genealogy, my first and most enduring passion, which draws on my experience in photography, publications, graphic design, writing, and even my Master’s degree, to make a living doing what I call time travel.

Every adventure begins with curiosity, a desire to understand, to learn something new, to challenge your beliefs and get to know yourself through your past. It only takes one question to start: If you could go back in time and meet your ancestors, who would you like to meet and what would you ask them?

Everyone’s journey is different. For some, traveling back in time is like climbing a mountain or driving across country on the back roads. Or it could be as simple as seeing your grandfather in your son’s face. For others, it’s like going home by walking on the ground your great great grandfather plowed or sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen.

The quest is also about finding connections and learning about history and other cultures in a way no history book can offer. You’ll meet past and present-day cousins you never knew you had from all corners of the globe.

Whether you’ve been time travelling for years or you’re a novice, I want to lead you on an unforgettable adventure that goes beyond names and dates. Real-life experiences and surprising details about your ancestors are what make the stories you will tell for generations to come.

No matter who or what you seek – the answer to a long-held family secret, the truth about your biological roots, the name of your first immigrant ancestor, or what happened to great uncle Charlie – and however tangled a vine your lineage is, your personal journey through time starts now.

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Time Travel Disclosures and Fine Print:

Unlimited luggage and extra passengers welcome, so invite your children, parents, and grandparents to come along and share the adventure with you.

WARNING: Detours are common and assumptions are often wrong. There is no guarantee that you will end up where you think you’re going or that you will return the same person. Be prepared to encounter unexpected and heartbreaking stories about your family. Intimate discoveries are treated with the utmost discretion.

NOTICE: This mode of spacetime travel requires no vaccinations and is FTA-certified paradox-safe in that it cannot alter the past. However, it will change your knowledge, understanding and perspective of the past, thereby, in effect, changing your past, and has the potential to change the future. Travel at your own risk of learning something extraordinary.

Why are you still reading this? Call me today to plan your adventure.