Vintage Photo Editing

Yesterday’s You Photo Package

Glimpse your past self


I will transform your photo to reflect the chosen era and style, from mid-1800s Tintypes to Kodak Brownies of the 1920s.

Upgrade to the Time Tripper package for wardrobe changes, background and scenes.

Add figures from another photo with my Family Reunion package.

Send me your photos
for a custom vintage transformation!

Vintage Photo Editing

Time Tripper Photo Package

Take a day trip to the past!


Imagine yourself as a gold prospector in the Arizona Territory in 1863.

How about as a flapper in the Roaring Twenties?

Just tell me where and when you want to go and who you envision yourself to be in that era, I’ll design the perfect historical setting and wardrobe for your transformation, ensuring every detail is period-appropriate to avoid anachronisms.

Send me your photos
for a custom vintage transformation!

Vintage Photo Editing

Rewind Time Photo Restoration

Turn back the clock on your damaged or faded photos

I will lovingly restore your cherished memories, erasing the marks of time to revive their original splendor.

My digital restoration process:

  • Erase the marks of time: Remove scratches and cracks, restoring your photos to their original brilliance.
  • Bring back vibrant details: Reverse fading, enhance color, reduce noise and bring details back into focus for a clear and crisp image.
  • Mend precious moments: Repair minor tears, reconstruct missing sections, and breathe new life into damaged photos.
  • Unwanted distractions vanish: Eliminate dust spots, writing, marks and blemishes for an unobstructed view.

High-resolution scanning, prints, and framing are available to showcase your finished masterpiece.