Vintage Photo Styles

I will transform your photo to reflect the chosen era and style, from mid-1800s Tintypes to Kodak Brownies of the 1920s. Upgrade to the Time Tripper package for wardrobe changes, background and scenes. I can also merge several people into one in my Family Reunion package.

My Vintage Photo Editing Process

Just Like You, every makeover is unique and takes on a life of its own, so results may differ from the examples shown. Your image will have its own special magic, and I might suggest a style that works better with your photo’s lighting, background and color variations to bring out your individual charm and personality.

I don’t just edit photos, I transform them into distinctive vintage portraits that echo the spirit of a bygone era. Don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of a time machine into a 19th-century Arizona mining town? I blend artistic skill and cutting-edge technology using authentic historic images and custom a.i. to seamlessly transport you back in time. Whether it’s a bustling 19th-century street scene or a cherished place with your ancestors, I craft each portrait to be a timeless family heirloom.

Choose from a variety of custom editing options for a one-of-a-kind portrait. Each photo is infused with its own special magic, ensuring your image is enhanced with the perfect vintage style that complements your individual charm. Final images are available as digital downloads and prints. Custom framing also available.

My Signature Styles

Custom Editing Options – can be applied to any style: border/no border, aged, grungy, bright, dark and moody, soft vignette, hard oval cut out, etc.

Classic Elegance

Faded Auburn Glow

Dreamy Daguerrotype

Gilded Victorian

Watercolor Whispers

Tarnished Tintype

Whiskey Barrel Brown

Kodak Brownie Days