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Genealogy Round Table - Easy Transcription, Part One

February 22, 2024

TOPIC: Easy Transcription of old documents, Part One

Ditch the Hand Cramps!
Supercharge Your Historical Research with Dictation

Give your fingers a rest! Discover the magic of voice recognition technology and unlock the secrets of your family history faster and easier than ever with free tools you already have. Transcribe handwritten records like wills, deeds, and letters with the power of your voice. ️Speed up your genealogical writing, facilitate tedious data entry into your family tree, and boost your research efficiency.

Starts promptly with a short 10-minute presentation, followed by Q&A and open discussion. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their own knowledge, experience and ideas and to ask questions.
In this first Round Table, I will also be asking about what everyone wants to cover and get a feel for how to handle the Zooms. I’ve done a few family zooms over the years, but this is my first time hosting something like this. So, I ask for your patience and help as we all figure this out.

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Hosted by Diana Thornton

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Published by Diana Thornton