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Genealogy Round Table - Censuses

March 14, 2024

Mine the Census for Genealogy Gold

Unlock the secrets hidden within census records.

In this short introduction to understanding how to use census records in your research, I will touch on:

  • general tips for working with sources
  • what the censuses contain
  • hidden information
  • what to do if you can’t find them where you think they should be
  • Why the data is wrong

Join me every Thursday evening for a FREE 30-minute Round Table to explore and discuss a wide range of genealogy topics, skills and resources to help you in your journey to find your ancestors.

Date: Every THURSDAY evening
Place: ONLINE via ZOOM
Time: 7:00 TO 7:30 p.m. Central Time.

Starts promptly with a short 10-minute presentation, followed by Q&A and open discussion. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their own knowledge, experience and ideas and to ask questions.

I look forward to seeing you!

(If you registered for previous Round Tables, you don't have to register again.)

Hosted by Diana Thornton

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Published by Diana Thornton